Crossroads Women’s Centre in Kentish Town is a disability-accessible, multi-racial community resource.  We bring together women from different ages, backgrounds and communities to share experiences, learn from and support each other.  

We provide a place of safety and a diversity of self-help services and activities in one place where women are encouraged and can find solutions to problems, even the most difficult – our motto is something can always be done. Men ready to work with women in a mutually supportive way are welcome.

We support mothers and other carers on whom families and communities depend most to get through the worst of times. Visitors from every age and social background comment on how warm and welcoming the Centre is, and the spirit of co-operation that prevails.

Latest News & events

Climate change: learning from women farmers in Andhra Pradesh, India

Thursday 20 July 2023, 6-8pm, Swiss Cottage Library, 88 Avenue Rd, London NW3 3HA 

What we saw when we visited the women’s self-help groups transforming their communities with natural farming

ALL WELCOME. More information here. 


Find out about the monthly Self-help meetings :

All African Women's Group open to all asylum seekers.

Disabled Mother's Rights

Support Not Separation for mothers facing forced separation from their children

WinVisible for women visible and invisible disabilities

Alll groups at the Centre can be found here.

Launch of the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Charter

At Crossroads Women's Centre Wed 12 July 2023   1- 3pm. Official launch of the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Charter — see here.

Disabled mothers speak out and launch our Charter of Rights:

  • Disabled women are not unfit mothers.
  • End discrimination by social services and the family courts.
  • Our legal rights – and our children’s – must be implemented!
  • For more information - see here.
  • Report in Camden New Journal, 27 July - is here.


Make Kentish Town tube step-free!

Our needs are not “too expensive”! We all need a lift! Don’t let us down!

On Friday 23 June, women from the Crossroads Women’s Centre including pensioners and wheelchair users, mums and babies, members of WinVisible (women with visible and invisible disabilities) joined with Inclusion London and other groups the protest co-ordinated by  Camden Disability Action at Kentish Town tube. We are calling for a lift to be installed as part of the planned refurbishment. Transport for London have refused a lift as “too expensive”! This is unacceptable. A lift is essential for disabled and older people, mums/carers with buggies, and more …

No stations near our Women’s Centre have wheelchair access, and the north-bound Kentish Town bus stop is closed while flats are built. People are determined to protest until we win the lift - #KentishTownStepFree.

Hear heartfelt chants.  Sign the petition here. Read the article in Camden New Journal here on page 18. 

What Do Mothers and Care givers want?

Results out soon! 

There is an assumption that childcare or elder care is all women need. But we are never asked what we think about how we spend our time and the resources we have/don’t have. This survey was circulated in different countries and languages.

Eleanor Rathbone: the Mother of Child Benefit, an oral history project.

50 Years Old...

The first six years of the Women's Centre are featured in the newly launched archives of the Wages for Housework Campaign which celebrates its golden anniversary this year.

The archives can be viewed here at the Bishopsgate Institute.