Women can come here to escape racial and sexual violence to get help with a range of difficulties. .

You can access information on benefits, hardship funds, emergency help, immigration, asylum and legal rights; address discrimination of all kinds; participate in self-help activities; volunteer and get training; get support for your own initiatives or find out about other services.

We hold meetings, social events, open days, workshops, films and exhibitions.

We create publicity, leaflets and provide training and resources for self-help groups to grow.

See the organisations based at the Centre here.  And view our past events here.

We cook a hot, healthy vegetarian/vegan lunch from scratch three times a week for all working at the Centre and share the food together.

Mothers are welcome to come in to breastfeed their children and have a cup of tea.

Our team of complementary care practitioners provide low cost acupuncture, Alexander Technique, homeopathy and herbal therapy for our volunteers and destitute women using the Centre.

volunteer_cooking copy

We take action on climate change.

We conserve, recycle and monitor our energy use and waste - solar panels
provide half of our electricity needs. We provide information on what people, especially women, are doing to help reverse global warming in the UK and around the world.


Our meeting space is available to hire for community groups

Call, drop in to find out more about any of the above. Find us here.

If you would like to volunteer to help with and/or to learn how to be involved with any of the activities at the Women’s Centre, please get in touch.

Whether you have a little or a lot of time (ideally weekdays), volunteers are always welcome.