Our activities include a wide range of services, workshops and events for low-income women and families:

We provide information, arrange peer support and facilitate meetings. We help create and support the development of self-help groups. Meeting spaces are available for hire at a low rate to community based groups. We also conduct research, publish fact sheets, blogs, community consultations and surveys based on women’s experiences







We cook a healthy, hot meal from scratch every weekday for everyone using our Centre.








Open Days, social events, exhibitions, film and theatre workshops, publicity, leaflets, pamphlets – and training for self help groups to do these activities so they can grow too. This is a resource where women can find out about other local and London-wide services; get support for their own community, cultural, educational, health or social initiatives.  










Vulnerable women can get practical help to escape sexual and racial violence; access information on benefits and legal rights; oppose and get redress for discrimination of all kinds; participate in self-help activities and peer support. 








Our Centre is breastfeeding-friendly.  Mothers needing space can drop in to feed their babies – with a cup of tea.
We consistently aim to lower our carbon footprint and to be a community resource on environmental sustainability. The Centre has solar panels on the roof, which we plan to increase.  We carefully monitor our energy use and waste.