THUR 15 JULY, 6-8 pm

Protecting our children, Defending our rights – UK & US 

Ending “child welfare’s” massive and heartless removal of children from low-income mothers and families, often children of colour.  Hosted by Support Not Separation

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TUES 20 JULY, 12-1.30pm

LAUNCH OF: Up from Destitution

A survey of women seeking asylum and making immigration applications in the UK. Nearly half of the women surveyed had no income at all and 60% are living on an income so low that they are officially destitute.  Hosted by Global Women Against Deportations.

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COMING SOON : An Oral History Project on Eleanor Rathbone the mother of child benefit. Launch date October 2021.

Mothers give compelling testimony of what Family Allowance, later Child Benefit, meant to them and their families spanning 1946 when Family Allowance was first paid to now. Husbands, daughters and sons also have their say. 

This project remembers Eleanor Rathbone and her 25 year campaign for this life-saving income to be paid to mothers, the first and only money many said they could “call their own”. A team of volunteers interviewed 145 women and 10 men aged 36 to 92 years.