“Remember Eleanor Rathbone: An Oral History Project.” Calling Grandmothers, Great-grandmothers!!! On the 70th anniversary of the first payment of Family Allowance, now Child Benefit, share your memories of what this money meant to you by being interviewed for our Oral History Project. Click on the image above for more details and how to share your story. 



“Many Maids Make Much Noise” A film project and Theatre workshop by Olivia Plender. The workshop is part of the East London Federation of Suffragettes (ELFS) project and is based around a play, Liberty or Death, written by Sylvia Pankhurst around 1913 about working class women’s struggles in the East End of London.how to share your story. The workshop was held on Tuesday 16th October 2018 – keep an eye on the events page for details on the next stage of this exciting project. 

“Living History: Growing up in the East End and surviving the Blitz.” Survivors of the Blitz, Mildred Gordon (MP for Bow & Poplar in the ’80s) and Helen Stern recount their expectations of endurance. November 2016.



“Those Who Died Trying..” Photography exhibition, November 2016. This project by Protection International remembers those who died by placing a portrait of the human rights defender at the place she or he was murdered or disappeared. The striking photographs are by Luke Duggleby. Click on the image for more details. 


Who Works for Me – Mum, auntie, sister, granny. Children’s exhibition, November 2016. Anti-racist, anti-sexist exhibition uncovering children’s perspective on the work their mothers and other carers. Their art, always enlightening and often stunning, revealed not only awareness but appreciation. Click on the image to view more of their lovely work.