Crossroads Women runs the Crossroads Women’s Centre in Kentish Town. The Centre is a disability-accessible, multi-racial community resource.  We bring together women from  different ages, backgrounds and communities to share experiences, learn from and support each other. 

We provide a place of safety and a diversity of self-help services and activities in one place where women are encouraged and can find solutions to problems, even the most difficult – our motto is something can always be done. We support mothers and other carers on whom families and communities depend most to get through the worst of times. Men ready to work with women in a mutually supportive way are  welcome. Visitors from every age and social background comment on how warm and welcoming the Centre is, and the spirit of co-operation that prevails.

What Do Mothers and Care givers want?

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There is an assumption that childcare or elder care is all women need. But we are never asked what we think about how we spend our time and the resources we have/don’t have. This survey is being circulated in different countries and languages.

Eleanor Rathbone: the Mother of Child Benefit, an oral history project.

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On the 3 February 2023 we had an illuminating workshop on Climate Recovery and Resilience Through Land Management: How Nature Regulates the Climate and How We Can Help. Run by Didi Persehouse, author, educator, and soil sponge strategist. 

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The first six years of the Women's Centre are featured in the newly launched archives of the Wages for Housework Campaign which celebrates its golden anniversary this year.

The archives can be viewed here at the Bishopsgate Institute.

Making Merry Christmas 2022!
The Centre distributed 40 huge food hampers, containing everything to make a delicious Christmas dinner, to destitute and low-income women and children who join in the Centre’s collective self-help services.

In these very hard times mums much appreciated these contributions:

"Very big thank you to our caring ladies who are always fighting for us to live a normal and good life. My daughter was so grateful for her christmas gift"

Our opening times & contact details

Our phone number : 0207 482 2496

Opening hours for drop-in are: Tuesday (2-4pm), Wednesday (2-7pm); Thursday (2-4pm)

Phoneline open: Monday to Friday 10-1pm and 2- 5pm (7pm on Wednesday)

Please leave a message at other times, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can email us your query:

If you need help on a family matter... please visit the Support Not Separation blog. To be in touch with one of the organisations at the Centre, please email them directly: see the information under groups based here or leave a message for them on the answerphone.