Hardship grants 

> Turn2Us  : https://www.turn2us.org.uk/  Directory of hardship grants for people in different situations.  Plus info on benefit rights and a benefit calculator to help you prepare a claim and know what you can get.

> Tons of Help : https://tonsofhelp.com/apply.  To get a £100 grant send a short email stating your name, geographical location, and a summary of your circumstances.  Attach one document with proof of address, and one document with proof of bank account ownership (must include account name).

> Smallwood Trust – hardship grants for individual women https://www.smallwoodtrust.org.uk/grants-individuals Support for women on low incomes struggling to make ends meet or trying to overcome financial problems and maintain independence. Criteria: aged 18 or above; have right to reside in the UK; on benefits or have an income below the Minimum Income Standard;  savings under £2,000; can produce evidence of financial situation including of any debts that are under £10,000.  Note: read their guidelines carefully.

> Camden Council's Cost of Living Crisis Fund : Camden residents struggling to afford basics such as food, energy bills or housing maybe able to get £500 payment. More information here: https://www.camden.gov.uk/financial-support-for-residents1 Most councils have a similar scheme - search your Councils website for Cost of Living support.

Toy Project: Based in Junction Road, Archway (London N19), the toy project gifts toys / presents for children in need aged under 12, and has a very simple application form.  Here is the link for the referral form https://thetoyproject.co.uk/referal-forms/

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