Your rights if threatened with disconnection by your energy supplier

“Most gap and electricity suppliers have signed up to an agreement called the 'Energy UK Vulnerability Commitment'. You can check if your supplier has signed up to the commitment by contacting them or checking their website, or see here.

If your supplier has signed up to the commitment, they won't disconnect you between 1 October and 31 March if you live with children under 16.

They also won’t disconnect you at any time of year if you:

  • are disabled
  • have long-term health problems
  • have severe financial problems
  • have children under 6 years old living at home”

Turn2Us  : https://www.turn2us.org.uk/  Directory of hardship grants for people in different situations.  Plus info on benefit rights and a benefit calculator to help you prepare a claim and know what you can get.

Tons of Help : https://tonsofhelp.com/apply.  To get a £100 grant send a short email stating your name, geographical location, and a summary of your circumstances.  Attach one document with proof of address, and one document with proof of bank account ownership (must include account name).

Smallwood Trust – hardship grants for individual women https://www.smallwoodtrust.org.uk/grants-individuals Support for women on low incomes struggling to make ends meet or trying to overcome financial problems and maintain independence. Criteria: aged 18 or above; have right to reside in the UK; on benefits or have an income below the Minimum Income Standard;  savings under £2,000; can produce evidence of financial situation including of any debts that are under £10,000.  Note: read their guidelines carefully.

Camden Council Welfare Fund : One-off emergency payments of around £50 for people in severe financial hardship. More information and the application form at: https://www.camden.gov.uk/benefits-support-available#oqnc If you have a support worker or advisor from Camden’s Welfare Rights Teams, you can ask them to help.